Friday, May 31, 2013

So close at Sunset

The start of the season was upon us very quickly.  I had an opportunity to test drive the car, but not to race test the car.  The test date was rained out, so we went to the first race without any track time.  This is not the ideal situation.  We double checked all the nuts and bolts to make sure everything was tight, and out we went on old tires.  I use the old tires to gauge my car against the competition on new tires.  Old tires allow me to feel the car at it's worst.  On the track the car was good, a little loose. Our first order was to keep the car from spinning out on corner entry.  A quick sway bar adjustment and it was much better.  This is where I made the first mistake.  I reacted to quickly and should have left the car alone.  The first heat was good. The car was a little too tight with new tires.
 I adjusted sway bar again and he car was almost perfect for the feature.  After the second place finish in the heat race, I was looking to gain one more position.  The feature race went by very quickly.
 I did the best I could driving through the field.  While challenging for third, I was pushed down the track and into the grass with my left wheels.  That was exciting for a while, I don't recommend trying that out.  There was grass flying into the car.  It felt like I was cutting the grass at about 70 MPH.
 It took another 6 laps to catch back up, and we fought hard to get to second place.  I am very proud of the efforts made in the month prior to the first race.  The new car looks amazing. A second place finish is a great way to start the new season.  Up next is Flamboro, and hopefully one better finishing position.

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