Monday, August 30, 2010

Help us out with a couple of minutes of your time & possibly win a $25 gift card

In our quest to make even easier to access, we are currently investigating the development of a SmartPhone version (for Blackberry, Android, etc.) and an iPhone/iPad/iPod “Apprenticesearch App” of our website & job bank.

Could you please help us, by completing a very brief survey (only 5 questions): click here? Please feel comfortable to let us know if and how these new versions would assist you with your students/clients. Also, please share this link with anyone who would be interested. We want to hear from all potential Apprenticesearch users, including educators, employers, community agencies, students, job seekers and more.

There will be a draw for a $25 gift card for 1 lucky participant.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Trials and 50 laps at the Beach

The weather was terrible all the way to the front gate of Sauble Speedway. As soon as we pulled in the rain stopped and the sun tried to peek out from behind the clouds. We had a new procedure for qualifying at this race. Our series mandated transponders to allow official times to be documented. With the system up and running we did 2 laps of qualifying. One by one the drivers took to the track. Each trying to be faster than the car before them. We qualified second last based on points. Our first lap was nothing to write home about, 6th on the speed chart. My plan worked as the heat built up in the tires just enough. Lap 2 was great, the only car in the field to break the 16 second mark. 15.87 secs. We were 3 tenths faster than anyone else and on the pole position for the feature. With our inversion to set the field we lined up in 7th for the start. we wasted no time getting to the front, on lap 10 we set sail, but we had an anchor behind us. The 02 car was glued to my back bumper. This is the first 50 lap feature we have run in 3 years. I know I had the fastest car, but how fast is fast enough to last 50 laps on the tires and brakes. I drove smooth, Dave called a great race on the radios, and we saved the car for the end. Just in time for a caution with 4 laps to go. There went my 3 car length lead. Why make it easy. On the restart the track was very slippery from the oil from the 16 cars blown motor. I had a decent restart and pulled a little on second place. Another caution came out for contact. All I needed was another good start and no mistakes to take the win. We did and on the last corner I drifted a little high. The 02 drove to the inside and we went side by side across the line. I was ahead by half a car. It was a great night for our team. Thanks to the rowdy fans up in turn 4 for cheering so loud. Up next is Kawartha Speedway, we won there last year and hope to repeat.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First at Flamboro

Finally a perfect day of racing. The weather was warm, a nice breeze and a trip to our local speedway. After the short drive down the road, we unloaded the car and could just relax. It was a big race night for our division and for the late models. All the fastest drivers were there, including some Nascar Canadian drivers. It was good to see the driver I had spotted for some many years ago. He was now spotting for the 66 car in our series. We had something to prove. Add into the mix we had about 75 relatives and close friends at the track. We kept to ourselves and stuck to our race plan. In the heat race we finished second, we almost completed a pass for the win but backed out. The feature we started near the back of the field. We wanted to be out front early on and passed cars as quick as we could to get there. Just before half way we took the lead and set sail. Then we had a series of HUGE wrecks. Some of the cars were really destroyed. A couple of red flags and what seemed to take forever to clean up the mess, we went back to green. This was starting to feel like Mosport all over again. This time we put in solid lap times and stayed in the best racing groove we could. On lap 30 we took the checkers and started our celebration. We were perfect in tech lane and the win was ours. Thanks to all who came out to cheer, support and just say hi. It is great to win on our home track. This gives us a little more confidence going to Sauble in a couple of weeks. Next up 50 lap feature and 2 laps of time trials. Should be some fun. See you at the beach.