Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Safety - Don't Fall this Fall

Employers and workers need to be aware of slips, trips and falls at all times and especially during seasonal changes as weather and site conditions change quickly.

As we move into the fall season there can an increase of slip and trip incidents for a number of reasons:

  • Leaves fall onto walkways and become wet and slippery they also cover tripping hazards
  • Cold weather causes frost and ice to form on walkways stairs
  • Equipment access ladders and steps
There are steps that employers and workers can take to eliminate the potential hazards.

  • Ensure footwear is in good shape with appropriate tread for the weather conditions.
  • Keep walkways and stairs clear of leaves and other debris. 
  • Use De-icing material when there is the potential for freezing conditions. (note frost can form on dry surfaces when the morning dew freezes on  contact with cold surfaces)
  • Shorten your stride when conditions appear to be slippery.
  • Always use three points of contact when accessing equipment.
  • Use hand rails on stairs and ramps.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Some unfilled apprenticeships in the Western Region

Job # Trade
#  level 
13610 Automotive Service Technician x 2 1st year in Hamilton
13611 Electrician x 1 4th year in Hamilton
13628 Truck & Coach Technician x 1 1st year in Hamilton
13644 Truck Trailer Service Technician x 2 1st year in Kitchener
13649 Heavy Duty Equipment Technician x 2 2nd year in Hamilton
13651 General Carpenter x 1 1st year in Guelph
13652 Truck Trailer Service Technician x 1 4th year in St. Agatha
13654 Truck & Coach Technician x 1 3rd year in Guelph
13662 Industrial Mechanic Millwright x 3 3rd year in Hamilton
13678 Truck Trailer Service Technician x 2 2nd year in Baden
13680 Plumber/Pipe Fitter x 4 2nd year in Dundas
13682 Automotive Service Technician x 1 3rd year in Auburn
13683 Automotive Service Technician x 1 2nd year in Breslau
13695 Automotive Service Technician x 1 1st year in Guelph

To apply to these jobs and more, register and apply or sign in at

Monday, October 7, 2013

New #2

Sunset's Velocity weekend racing is the first round of the stock car playoffs.  Drivers travel from their regular tracks to race this event.  We wrap our series up at this very large invitational event.  We finished 2nd in the heat and started 8th in the feature.  Finally some luck came our way.  I somehow missed the leaders as they got together and spun coming out of turn 2.  I was full brakes, full gas and full steering and I missed them by inches.  We restarted at the front and led the last 10 laps to the victory.  Velocity weekend has been good to us.  Two years in a row we have won this event.  We were a mere 15 points from winning the championship this year.  2nd is a great finish after all the hours, hard work and repairs to the car.  We are looking forward to next year and have new of a new teammate joining the team.  Thanks to everyone at, my family, friends ands fans.  This year was amazing thanks to your support.

Season wrap up

With only 3 races remaining we needed something good to happen.  We started at Flamboro with a big win in the heat and feature.  Maximum points for the night.  The last Flamboro race of the year and we won the heat.  We took the lead of the feature with about 20 laps to spare.  Or so we thought.  Our car and the 38 car went into turn 4 on lap 26 and we both spun out. Another car had broken a rear end housing and dumped the oil on the track right in front of us.  I was hit by the 02, and then drilled in the passenger door by the 24 car.  A quick stop on the track and my crew said the car was ok.  Just some loose fibreglass body panels.  My tires were up and I did not seem to bend anything.  Starting in last I was pretty upset.  4 laps to go and I am in last place.  I restarted well and drove it like I stole it for 4 laps.  At the checkers I was in 2nd place and ready to pounce on the leader.  All in all it was a great night.  More work in the shop to get the car ready for the last race of the year at Sunset.

Playing catch up

Mother Nature was not very kind to us in our bid to win another championship this year.  Rain at Mosport and Varney made gaining points very difficult.  Those are both very good tracks for us where we gain points.  Not this year.  With 3 races left we need to really step up our racing.