Thursday, July 24, 2008

From the backyard to the beach

Three week in a row is tough on any team. We did well at Flamboro in qualifying and the feature, 2nd place, still showing improvements. At Sauble beach we battled all night long with the 99 car. He did a great job holding us behind him. For most of the race he was sideways. It was tough to get past when you don't know where he is going. We drove by him on the restart and with 5 laps to go we were passing into third. We could only get up to the front wheel of the 71 car and did not make the pass stick. The last lap the 71 was rubbing the decals, paint and fibreglass off the side of the car. He held us off by about 1 foot. Anyone know a good paint guy? Decals? 50 laps to go next time by.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fan Appeciation Night

Mosport speedway is one of the fastest tracks we race at. This years fan appreciation night was very special. Our series got together for a photo with the fans to send to our troops. Rob Dehaan was kind enough to ask us to take part and put the car up front with his car. Oh yeah the racing went great as well. Our team ended up finishing third in the heat and the feature. We moved up into fourth spot heading to our home track. We are looking to move into third within a couple of races. Dave called a great race and all we need to do is change the Oil and Tires. See you at Flamboro.