Friday, October 7, 2011


After a very long uphill battle, our team has won the championship for a second time. We put our heads down and worked harder than ever to complete the task. The season started terrible and we only could race 10 of the 11 races this year. It is very special to be able to miss a race and still win the season championship points. I want to thank everyone at, the posters and readers of this blog, my family friends and team sponsors for a great year. The motivation you provide is what makes our team get through the difficult times. It was a season of suspension, engine, clutch and chassis changes and adjustments. My team stuck together and we raced as hard as we could every night. Thanks again to everyone who helped and offered support to us. Maybe now my kids will ease up on me a little. They each have a "Piston Cup" in their rooms. Now we start to look forward to some races in Florida to try and win the overall National Points Championship. Anyone up for a trip down south.