Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Raining again

We were optimistic that the rain would hold off all night. The repairs to the car were all good. The car was very fast and drove well. After a couple of small adjustments to the brake system, we were right where we needed to be. Unfortunately we needed to be under our tents as the rain came and washed away any hopes of racing. Looks like Flamboro will be it for the year. Hope to see everyone out there cheering us on. Let's hope for some nice weather.

Hey Mister, Your going the wrong way

Kawartha was a rough night for the appsearch team. We were pretty quick in the heat race and had a good run going for the feature. A change in the schedule made our choice of set up wrong. The car was too tight and the front tires were just pushing along the track. We will remember that for next year. On the last lap we attempted to pass for 4th position. The 40 car drove it in way too far and he started to spin right in front of us. I lifted off the gas as he body checked our right front. This allowed him to save his car and allowed us to get spun by the car behind us. Not too bad, we didn't hit anything, or so I thought. It seemed like a long time watching cars fly past me facing the wrong direction on the track. Then the last 2 cars got together way back in the corner. I watched them touch once, twice and start spinning towards me. They got bigger in a hurry. Next thing I know the 60 car is almost on my lap. So we had to say good bye to the left front of the car, to bad it nearly made it all year. Testing on Tuesday found some issues and we repaired them easily. Off to Sunset.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Behind the scenes G8 and the local trades (text and photos)

Read this fantastic article about how it took many skilled trades people working cooperatively to create a successful environment to host the recent G8 (Group of Eight) summit. Just ask Steve Hibbert from Digital Electric Inc. in Burlington. (see www.digital-electricinc.com for more information)PDF article with photos