Monday, June 17, 2013

First at Flamboro

After a great start to the season at Sunset we headed off to our home track.  I always feel pressure when I arrive at Flamboro.  It seems my whole family and a bunch of friends  always attend.  They all ask me the same question.  Are you going to win? 
The car worked great during practice.  One turn on the sway bar and we were set for the heat race. 
I could drive the car anywhere on the track.  Passing cars on the high side and the low line.  Quickly we were in the lead and first to the checkered flag.  Up next was the feature.  Time to make sure our new GoPro camera is turned on.  I found that the case was open in the car and the camera was gone.  I asked the team, but nobody had removed it.  I was upset about the camera and used that as motivation in the feature race.  Starting 7th and chasing down some really fast cars.  I had a solid lead at the halfway point when a caution came out for the 20 car.  He was almost completely on top of the back straight wall.  Not sure exactly how he got there, but he says someone helped him get there.  From there out I drove a solid race keeping the lead to the finish.  Now we are tied for the points lead.
Looking forward to Varney.

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