Friday, July 17, 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes

Sauble Beach, lunch on the beach and plenty of sunshine. Third place in the heat race and satrting the 30 lap feature in 9th. Contact in the heat race with the right rear of the car made the rest of the night interesting. It seems that we broke the axle bearing. This took out the seal and leaked gear oil all over the rear brakes. Holy smokes would best describe the amount of smoke coming off the hot brake rotors. The car started to fill up with smoke on lap 3. We ran our cooling fans and helmet blower on high. This did little to keep my eyes from burning and watering. It looked like I watched a sad movie when I finally got out of the car. Even with no back brakes and tons of smoke, we drove it like we stole it. we ended up 5th place for the night. Flamboro is up next in the stretch of back to back races. Anyone have a tissue?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can I get your autograph please

Fan appreciation night was another big hit. After signing over 2000 hero cards, we were the first feature of the night. After many long nights in the shop we finally figured out what the problem was with the car. I know, I know, even I questioned myself. Could it be the DRIVER. As it turns out the driver still does a pretty good job as we finished third after the 25 lap feature. We started our heat in 10th and moved up to 3rd in 5 laps. Finally the car goes into the corner straight as an arrow. Just the way we like it. Thanks to Dave, Jason, Jim, Len and everyone who brought their ideas forward. Scott and Bill as well for keeping us all calm and collected when things got heated. It is a great comfort knowing all the skilled trade help I have. They make excellent educated decisions and it shows up with strong results. Off to Sauble beach this Saturday night. 3rd in points, 1/2 way next time by.