Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Win At The Beach

It may not be Daytona, but a win at Sauble Beach is a really tough thing to accomplish. In our series history, only 3 drivers have won feature events at the 1/4 mile oval. What a crazy night of weather, slight rain, fog and a cool mist that left you seeing your breath. After a quick practice to test the spare motor, and new tire set, we were confident in the set up on the car. We won the first heat race and really needed to back it up in the feature. We are behind in points and wanted a solid night to get us back into the top 5. The feature was very tough, the track was slippery and the other drivers were quick. We did our best to get out front early and stayed there. We won the shortened 25 lap feature by 2 car lengths. That finish was good enough to move us back up the points into 4th place. Another good showing and we will crack the top 3. Thanks to our welder Scott for helping us repair a few issues. Those late nights in the shop seem to have paid off. Up next is the super high banking of Varney June 25.

Monday, June 13, 2011

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain and some missing teeth

So far this year Mother Nature has not been very cooperative with the Pro Challenge racing schedule. After the first night was rained out, we made the trip in the rain to Varney speedway. It rained all the way there and as soon as we pulled in the driveway, the sun came out. The track was steaming as the water evaporated in the heat. Finally our first laps of the year. We tried a new setup, and it worked fantastic. We were the fastest in turns 3-4 and that showed on the stop watch. The top of the speed chart, what a great way to start. On with some new tires and into the heats we go. Starting 9th, we worked our way up to 3rd by the halfway mark. Then the car started to have an issue in the transmission. It was jumping in and out of 3rd gear. We managed to finish 4th. Upon further inspection, it was decided that we try to start the feature and use gears 2 and 4 to try and compete. On the warm up laps I tried driving but the noise that came from the motor was an terrible grinding and crunching sound, there's my missing teeth. At that point we had to bring the car in before we had a major engine failure. The first attempt at a feature race and our first and only DNF that I can remember. All the hours of preparing the car, and this happens 10 laps in. With the sealed motor program our series runs, we are not permitted to open the engines and check for issues. So off the motor goes to North Carolina for a fresh rebuild. In goes our trusty spare and off to Flamboro we go. The rain held off, but the good old Hydro was out in the surrounding area. Funny thing is our car was way up in the air on the hoist when the power went out. Good thing they called the races, we had no way to get the car off the hoist without hydro. Pretty hard to explain, we could see the car, walk under it, but had no way to get it down from 72" in the air. Now we have it on stands, on the ground and we head up to Sauble Beach. We have good luck there and plan on making some ground up in the points system. Currently 14th and looking forward to a big improvement.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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