Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One spin and a big WIN

Thanks Dave. What else can I say. Our hard work paid off with a big win at Sunset Speedway. Once again we were very fast in practice. The heats were hectic with one car leaking gas all over the track in front of us. We were first to spin out and missed everyone in the pack. The next corner was not so good for some others. Dave made some adjustments and into the feature we went starting fourth. We drove hard and made the winning pass near half way. The car worked great and we look forward to our 50 lap race coming up. A slight improvement in points to 6th place. Top five next time by.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lucky # Seven

After 40+ hours in the shop we roll into Kawartha Downs. We should have bet on the horses. We had a night much like Big Brown did last race out. We ended up watching the races from the infield. Cool spot to watch from but not much fun factor involved. It turns out that our battery was failing every time we went into a corner, something inside would make contact and short it out. With no voltage going to the coils we lost spark and the engine failed to run. Bad luck comes in threes, now were placed lucky # seven in points. Expect good things to come.