Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 National Champions.

All the regional races have been completed in Pro Challenge racing. Our team stands at the top of the points standings and has won the overall National points championship for Pro Challenge. It is really great to be the #1 driver and team in the series. There were over 100 drivers competing for the PASCAR National Championship. What makes it even more incredible is that we won it in 10 events. Other competitors in 2nd and 3rd place raced 11 and 13 races. Thanks to everyone who helped make this season so great. The new trophy is on the way and I will have a team picture with the Canadian and the National trophies soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011


After a very long uphill battle, our team has won the championship for a second time. We put our heads down and worked harder than ever to complete the task. The season started terrible and we only could race 10 of the 11 races this year. It is very special to be able to miss a race and still win the season championship points. I want to thank everyone at, the posters and readers of this blog, my family friends and team sponsors for a great year. The motivation you provide is what makes our team get through the difficult times. It was a season of suspension, engine, clutch and chassis changes and adjustments. My team stuck together and we raced as hard as we could every night. Thanks again to everyone who helped and offered support to us. Maybe now my kids will ease up on me a little. They each have a "Piston Cup" in their rooms. Now we start to look forward to some races in Florida to try and win the overall National Points Championship. Anyone up for a trip down south.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fastest at Flamboro

Usually being the fastest car means you will win right? Not this time out for the apprenticesearch team. We moved from 8th to 3rd in the heat race. Started the feature in 9th. We quicly caught the front group of cars and tried hard to pass on every lap. Trouble is the cars in front were 3 wide. Finally I picked them off one at a time. Inside, then outside them through the middle. Looks like I need new numbers on both sides of the car again. LOL. With 6 laps to go the track was clear in front of me, then I could see the #3 car way in the corner ahead of me. He had broken free at the start of the race and was miles out in front of the rest of the cars. Lap after lap, I kept getting closer. On lap 19 I had made up 1/2 the tracks distance and was pressuring for the win. Too bad for us they shortened the race length to only 20 laps. One more lap and we were winners. It is good to be fast heading into the last round at Sunset. One more win for the year would be a nice way to cap off the Championship.

Fan Appreciation Night

Mosport is one of my favourite tracks. Tight, bumpy turns and super long straightaways. This years race was pretty good for the team. We were blocked in the heat race and forced to try some alternative lines. They didnt work and we staretd the feature in 12th place. After a long break to hand out candy, stickers and cards we were ready to race. We quickly moved through the feild and at the checkers we were 2nd. Bad news is we lost points, good news.... it was minimal. We head to Flamboro for the secong last race of the year. we are still leading the points, but the guys behind seem to be getting closer. Time for another win?

Friday, September 2, 2011

19 seconds at Kawartha.

After sitting in traffic for almost 4 hours, the team finally pulled into the racetrack. We were late and missed the first practice session. Not to worry, so we thought. We started the car for the next round of practice and it had a miss. Cylinder # 1 was dead. No ignition. Out come the spark plugs and in go 4 fresh NGK plugs. Out on the track we go and set the second fastest time. We come in and change tires, go back out and the car is terrible. It is rolling over, handling very bad and is very slow. We started checking the springs, shocks, tires, all look proper. Then we find it. A broken sway bar mount of the left side of the car. We install a new arm, and out we go for the heat race. The car worked as usual and I moved from 9th to 3rd in 10 laps. It was a great heat race. The feature was interesting. On the start I had a car half way up my hood and a car under the rear of my car, all this and going 95 MPH. It was scary to say the least. We sorted out the damage and could only drive up to 4th place. It was a hard night of work. But it was one of those nights we can look back on and be happy to say we did not lose a single point for the championship. Thanks Dave for all the hard work. We never had a break all night. Glad the damage was minor. Now we go to Mosport. Another very fast difficult track to race on. See you Sept 10.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspiring Skilled Trade Teacher's Story

Keith Hoare teaches culinary arts at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in Rexdale. Like Gordon Ramsey with a smile, Hoare is the previous owner of a catering business, now on to a second career.

He has been teaching for just four years, and is proud to teach at this technical school which he says arms his kids with much-needed real-life skills.
Inspiring story, check out the video at this CBC link from August 31st The National Click here for video page

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Skilled Trade Jobs we need to fill in the South and Hamilton regions

I you have already signed up for our FREE service you can apply directly through your account. If you need to register and apply, you can do so at remember you will need a current resume to complete your profile and to use the system.

Hairstylist Job# 10382 in Waterdown 1st yr
Baker/Patissier Job# 10537 in Hamilton 0 yr
Cook Job# 10516 in Guelph x4 0yr
Plumber Job# 10492 in Hamilton x2 2nd yr
Plumber Job# 10204 in Ancaster 4th yr
General Machinist Job# 10252 in Guelph 2nd yr
General Machinist Job# 10251 in Guelph 3rd yr
Tool & Die Maker Job# 10257 in Hamilton 3yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10408 in Hamilton 3rd yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10514 in Hamilton 3rd yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10531 in Hamilton 3rd yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10491 in Mt. Hope 3rd yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10534 in Stoney Creek 2nd yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10493 in Kitchener 2nd yr
Auto Service Technician x4 Job# 10264 in Hamilton 2nd yr
Auto Service Technician Job# 10437 in Kitchener 1st yr
Truck & Coach Technician Job# 10420 in Cambridge 2nd yr
Truck & Coach Technician Job# 10181 in Cambridge 2nd yr
Auto Body Repairer Job# 10400 in Hamilton 1st yr

Lightening Strikes Again

For those who follow the series, I am not talking about the driver of the #00 car. His nickname is lightening, because he is fast and you never know when or where he will strike next. Anyway, the real kind of lightening showed up at Sauble and we had a big storm ruin another day of racing. Mother Nature has been pretty upset these days. I hope everyone made it through the storm OK last night. Friday looks good for Kawartha, see you there. Leave the umbrellas at home!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to back wins for

Flamboro Speedway hosted another great night of racing action. The Ontario Pro Challenge series and the Triple Crown event for the late models were the show of the night. We started out in fine fashion.... Actually we started in the wrong direction, at the hands of the 99 car. After a short trip on 2 wheels, then 4 wheels and then backwards into turn 1. Wow, what a ride. The wall was about 6" from our back bumper. I sure am glad we have new brakes on the car this year. We went on to finish 5th in the heat. We started quickly in the feature and by the halfway mark we were passing cars on the inside and outside racing grooves. The car was hooked up really well. With 10 laps to go, we took the lead and drove away from second place. It was a great points night, racing night and even the rain held off. We still hold the points lead, by 14 points now. We can never back down, these drivers are way to good to start to take it easy. We need more good nights if we want to repeat as champions.
See you at Sauble Beach

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the top spot

Finally after a few years of hard work we are finally back in first place. When you add up the effort, parts, travel and expences it is truly amazing to see how difficult it is to run up front in the Pro Challenge division.
With a heat win and a big feature win at our home track, we gained valuable points and now have an 8 point lead in first place.
The apprenticesearch car is looking good, running fast and we are looking for another win this Sat Aug 6th at Flamboro Speedway.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New # 2

Our first trip to Sunset was exciting. We shared the weekend with the Super Late model cars. They have the biggest engines and tires in Ontario for short track racing. They were posting times in the 14.5 second range. All the time adding Hoosier rubber to the tracks outside line. They use the same compound as our cars and the track was very sticky. We were fast in our heat race, and you could throw a blanket over the top 5 for the entire feature race. We were sideways, up high, down low and the car was great everywhere on the track. So were the guys in front of us. Our older set of tires worked well against those who had a new set on. we finished 5th in one of the most fun races I have been in.

On our second date back to Sunset we shared the weekend with the Ontario Sportsman series. These guys also use the same tire compound as our cars. This time the track was a slippery as I have ever seen it. Second in the heat race all over the car in front. we started our feature after the OSS cars were ion the track. It was a mess. They did 100 laps and only had 7 cars running at the end of the race. As soon as I pulled on the track, all I could smell was old gear oil, motor oil and the dreaded blown motor smell. I knew the track was slippery, but this was like driving on an icy road. Good news is we made some adjustments to the car to make it stick in the turns better. We over adjusted and I am glad we did. The car worked really well on the slippery track. We passed some cars on the outside (very hard to do at Sunset)and then drove it in the corners really deep to pass on the inside. One lap I passed 4 cars, 2 outside and 2 inside. The top 3 broke away from the pack until a caution came out for a huge wreck. 2 cars nose to nose on the back straightaway. Both drivers were OK, but their cars were a mess. We tried on the remaining laps to get past the leader, but no luck. At the finish we were on the outside at his door. A couple more laps and I might have got the win.
we are moving up the points nicely and sit 8 points out of the championship lead with half the season remaining. 2 big races at my home track Flamboro are up next. I Hope to take a win or 2 and the points lead by mid August.
See you at Flamboro July 23.

Much better at Varney

The smallest track we race is Varney. The high Banked oval produces great racing lines but it makes it difficult to pass. For the first time in Pro Challenge we ran Twin 25 lap features. 25 before the intermission and 25 after. We started 3rd last in the field of cars and worked really hard to make up some ground. At the end of 25 laps we were in 3rd place. A few quick adjustments to the car during the break made it much better on corner entry. We started 3rd and made a pass around the outside to get 2nd spot. From there we pressured the leader and tried several attempts to get by. The driver in front did a great job, making no mistakes and driving a line I could not get past.
This was a much greater finish for our team and we were one of 3 cars to post lap times in the 13 second range all night.
Maybe this spare motor is pretty good after all.
Up next 2 trips to Sunset Speedway.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Win At The Beach

It may not be Daytona, but a win at Sauble Beach is a really tough thing to accomplish. In our series history, only 3 drivers have won feature events at the 1/4 mile oval. What a crazy night of weather, slight rain, fog and a cool mist that left you seeing your breath. After a quick practice to test the spare motor, and new tire set, we were confident in the set up on the car. We won the first heat race and really needed to back it up in the feature. We are behind in points and wanted a solid night to get us back into the top 5. The feature was very tough, the track was slippery and the other drivers were quick. We did our best to get out front early and stayed there. We won the shortened 25 lap feature by 2 car lengths. That finish was good enough to move us back up the points into 4th place. Another good showing and we will crack the top 3. Thanks to our welder Scott for helping us repair a few issues. Those late nights in the shop seem to have paid off. Up next is the super high banking of Varney June 25.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Current Apprenticeship Positions at

Job#10222 Diesel Mechanic several vacancies $80,000/yr entry level at Sea for 6-8 months,

Job#10221 Industrial Electrician several vacancies $80,000/yr entry level at Sea for 6-8 months,

Job#10220 Welder several vacancies $80,000/yr entry level at Sea for 6-8 months,

Job#10219 Cook several vacancies $68,000/yr entry level at Sea for 6-8 months,

Job#10218 Draftsperson - Mechanical 0yr apprentice in Strathroy,

Job#10217 Plumber 0yr apprentice in Toronto,

Job#10216 Truck & Coach Tech. 0yr apprentice in Hamilton,

Job#10215 General Machinist 2nd yr apprentice in Tillsonburg,

Job#10214 Tool & Die Maker 2nd yr apprentice in Tillsonburg,

For these apprenticeships and others register and apply at

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain and some missing teeth

So far this year Mother Nature has not been very cooperative with the Pro Challenge racing schedule. After the first night was rained out, we made the trip in the rain to Varney speedway. It rained all the way there and as soon as we pulled in the driveway, the sun came out. The track was steaming as the water evaporated in the heat. Finally our first laps of the year. We tried a new setup, and it worked fantastic. We were the fastest in turns 3-4 and that showed on the stop watch. The top of the speed chart, what a great way to start. On with some new tires and into the heats we go. Starting 9th, we worked our way up to 3rd by the halfway mark. Then the car started to have an issue in the transmission. It was jumping in and out of 3rd gear. We managed to finish 4th. Upon further inspection, it was decided that we try to start the feature and use gears 2 and 4 to try and compete. On the warm up laps I tried driving but the noise that came from the motor was an terrible grinding and crunching sound, there's my missing teeth. At that point we had to bring the car in before we had a major engine failure. The first attempt at a feature race and our first and only DNF that I can remember. All the hours of preparing the car, and this happens 10 laps in. With the sealed motor program our series runs, we are not permitted to open the engines and check for issues. So off the motor goes to North Carolina for a fresh rebuild. In goes our trusty spare and off to Flamboro we go. The rain held off, but the good old Hydro was out in the surrounding area. Funny thing is our car was way up in the air on the hoist when the power went out. Good thing they called the races, we had no way to get the car off the hoist without hydro. Pretty hard to explain, we could see the car, walk under it, but had no way to get it down from 72" in the air. Now we have it on stands, on the ground and we head up to Sauble Beach. We have good luck there and plan on making some ground up in the points system. Currently 14th and looking forward to a big improvement.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some current jobs in the system at

Job# 10198 Truck and Coach Tech x2 1st yr apprentice in Brockville

Job# 10197 Plumber x4 3rd yr apprentice in Concord.

Job# 10195 General Machinist 0yr apprentice in Oldcastle (Essex County).

Job# 10194 Cook x2 0yr apprentice in Norwich

Job# 10193 Cook x2 0yr apprentice in Simcoe

Job# 10192 Automotive Service Tech PART TIME 20hrs/wk 0yr apprentice in Stoney Creek

Job# 10191 Automotive Service Tech x2 0yr apprentice in Stoney Creek

Job# 10190 Automotive Service Tech 0 yr apprentice in London

Job# 10189 Refrigeration and AC Mechanic 3rd yr apprentice in Brampton

Job# 10188 Automotive Service Tech 2nd yr apprentice in Burlington

For these opportunities and more register and apply at

Friday, May 27, 2011

You're Invited to a special presentation by Rod Cameron, Chair of the Appointments Council, Ontario College of Trades

HAAC - Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council Invites you to a special presentation by Rod Cameron, Chair of the Appointments Council, Ontario College of Trades

Contact Ali Fraser, HIEC
P: 905.634.2575 ext. 28

Employers with Jobs in the Southwestern Ontario Region looking for Apprentices

1. 5693 – Automotive Body Repairer-3rd year apprentice- London
2. 5969 – Mould Maker Apprentice-1st or 2nd year apprentice – Essex County
3. 5680 – General Machinist – 3rd or 4th year apprentice – London
4. 5089 – Tool and Die Maker apprentice – Wallaceburg (Lambton County)
5. 9958 – Agricultural Equipment Technician – Innerkip (Oxford County)
6. 5167 – General Machinist – 0 year – London
7. 5348 – Truck and Coach Technician – 2 – 4th year apprentice - Sarnia
8. 5581- Tool and Die Maker – 3rd year apprentice – Oldcastle (Essex County)
9. 10042 – General Machinist – 1st – 4th year apprentice – Windsor

Remember we are a FREE, valuable skilled trade resource and job matching service. As always you must register and apply at apprenticesearch to connect with these employers, and other Skilled Trade Apprenticeship Opportunities across Ontario.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coming Thursday, June 23, 2011 HIEC’s Spring Breakfast with the Mayors Join ‘The Conversation’ with special guest speaker Max Valiquette

HALTON, ON – Business communications are no longer one-sided – they’re now a two-way dialogue between organizations and consumers. Come learn about The Conversation with the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) at this year's Spring Breakfast with the Mayors as we celebrate 21 years of business, education and community partnerships and explore the ever-changing role of marketing and communications with keynote speaker Max Valiquette. Hosted by Mayor Rob Burton of Oakville and Mayor Rick Goldring of Burlington, this year’s breakfast event is set for Thursday, June 23, 2011 at OE Banquet & Conference Centre in Oakville, from 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Tickets, which include breakfast, are available for $40 per person or $300 per table of eight. click here for more details

Friday, May 6, 2011

Maaco at Brock Ford have a couple of great apprentices thanks to

Maaco at Brock Ford, located at 4500 Drummond Road in Niagara Falls has the distinction of becoming the first shop in Canada to convert to Maaco. The Collision Repair and Auto Painting facility presents a complete Maaco menu of retail and fleet services.

Maaco at Brock Ford currently employs 2 apprentices, Brendon Hall (auto body) and Cole Paquet (prepper/painter) in the trade of Auto body and Collision Damage Technician. Being a compulsory trade each apprentice is required to complete a total 7200 hours training. 85% of this is on the job with the remaining being offered through an approved training delivery agent. Upon completion of these requirements each apprentice will be required to receiving a passing mark of 70% on their final exam earning them their Certificate of Qualification.

Brock Ford apprentices Brendon and Cole have been busy working on removing parts from vehicles, repairing small dents, welding, sandblasting, prepping, masking, priming and painting. “As the complexity of this trade increases, we require apprentices with high skill levels and a passion for the industry. We have used the services of to recruit quality individuals with skills and education pertaining to the trade. We have found these services to be very good”, offers Bertha Bertrand, Body Shop Manager.” She is looking to hire an additional apprentice in the auto body department and is looking for someone with 3 years’ experience.

Bertha has been in the collision industry for 22 years, and a Manager for 15 of those years. She received an award in 2003 for the Most Influential Women in the Collision Industry for North America and is a great supporter of apprenticeship. “I enjoy giving young people an opportunity to get into a trade they will enjoy”.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council invites you to help us celebrate skilled trades excellence in Halton Honour Roll Awards 2010

WHEN: Thursday, May 19, 2011

WHERE: Burlington Convention Centre 1120 Burloak Drive

COST: $40/person or $300/table of eight

TIME: Registration and Networking 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Honour Roll Awards 2010 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Keynote Speaker - Tom Rand: Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit
Tom Rand is a leading Environmental Sustainability Expert & Venture Capitalist. He is the Cleantech Practice, Lead Advisor at the MaRS Discovery District, helping the next generation of Canadian Cleantech companies grow to global leadership. Additionally, Rand is the co-developer of The Planet Traveler, a project that has been called the “greenest hotel in North America,” in Toronto, and he is the author of Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: 10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World.

Join us on Thursday, May 19, 2011 as Tom discusses trends that may affect the skilled trades in the up and coming “green” industries.

Thursday, March 31, 2011 helps Coolmark Mechanical find 2 new Apprentices in no time at all

Coolmark “Hits the Mark!”

Coolmark Mechanical is a York Region HVAC contractor that specializes in designing, building, and servicing refrigerated space for food industry clients across the GTA. Based in Woodbridge, Coolmark has carried on a 15-year commitment to training apprentices since its founding in 1996 by Claudio Gulli, president of the company.

“We like to train apprentices, but we are particular about who we will hire,” said Claudio. “We are looking for workers with some knowledge of refrigeration, but who also have a good attitude and are willing to learn. We want apprentices to take advantage of technology and the internet to gain more knowledge about refrigeration. There is so much to learn in our trade and knowledge is power.”

A Coolmark Installation in Progress

Coolmark turned to when it was time to hire new apprentices this year. Claudio’s foreman, Joe D’Ambrosio found the website through an internet search and posted an apprenticeship opportunity. In a very short time, the company had hired two apprentices off the site.

“Both guys have worked out well for us,” said Claudio. “They ask questions and are good listeners. They come to work with respectful attitudes and learn well. We’re glad we found them.” Both apprentices will be receiving the in-class portion of their training at the United Association HVAC and Refrigeration Pipefitters Local Union 787 in Brampton.

Coolmark is one of those companies that stays busy year round. “The food business isn’t really seasonal,” said Claudio, “people always have to eat.” And as long as this company continues to satisfy its many commercial customers, the referrals and the additional work will keep on coming.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another apprenticesearch success story

Tina Hart Profile

Tina Hart’s career path changed dramatically over a four year period. First she discovered the one kind of work that most interested and motivated her – stone masonry. Then she pursued her new passion from apprenticeship training to Red Seal certification. And finally she established her own business – Galt Stone Masonry – and became her own boss – all in less than four years time!

In December 2007, Tina registered on in the hopes of finding work. Her landscape design program at the University of Guelph had exposed her to stone cutting and stonework, and she wanted to learn more about this type of work as an apprentice. Within days, she was hired by Old World Stone in Burlington, and found very quickly that stone restoration and masonry was highly interesting and satisfying work. Tina completed the in-class portions of her apprenticeship at the Ontario Masonry Training Centre in Mississauga and went on to achieve Red Seal certification within three years.

“ changed my life,” said Tina. “It still amazes me that one decision could so dramatically affect my career path. And it continues to be a wonderful career for me. I still feel like I am learning new things with every new project. I’ve been very fortunate.”

Tina Hart at work in her shop

Recently Tina set off in a new direction, establishing her own business, Galt Stone Masonry ( Specializing in the use of natural stone to restore historical buildings or to install new masonry, her company prides itself on superior craftsmanship and high quality service at affordable prices. Projects of special note include the re-pointing of two 125 year-old Rubble Stone Granite homes in Cambridge and the creation of castable refractory pizza ovens able to withstand temperatures up to 2,300 degrees.

Tina has thrived in a trade generally dominated by males. “How I approach the people I work with is the key,” she said. “There definitely is a place for women in masonry. I approach my work in a professional manner and find that I am respected for what I can do on the job.”

Stonecutting and masonry continue to give Tina great satisfaction. “I recently cut and created six Roman arches and thought to myself – these arches will likely still be standing 400 years from now. Now that’s amazing!”

Hopefully the future success of Galt Stone Masonry will be equally amazing. If new projects and referrals bring enough business for Tina to expand, she hopes to hire an apprentice herself. “It will be good to give something back and let someone else experience some of the satisfaction and joy I have found in this work,” she said.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some current jobs in the system at

Job #9955 2nd yr Horticultural Technician x2 in Cobourg

Job #9960 1st yr Hairstylist x4 in Ancaster

Job #9967 2nd yr Tire Wheel & Rim Mechanic x1 in Markham

Job #9978 0 yr Early Childhood Educator x2 in Mississauga

Job #9971 4th yr Mould Designer x2 in Brampton

Job #9977 Entry level Gen Machinist x2 in Strathroy

Job #9980 2nd yr Auto Service Tech in London

To check out theses jobs and more register and apply at

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Success Story in Hamilton

Apprentice Erin Cannon, and Service Manager David Rodgers

Canadian Tire, Upper Gage

The first Canadian Tire store was founded in Toronto in 1922. In 1934, twelve years later, Canadian Tire opened its first store on Ottawa Street in Hamilton. Now there are over 482 stores across Canada employing more than 58,000 employees. The majority of the stores operate in distinct categories of auto parts, auto service, tools, hardware, sporting goods, houseware and seasonal items.

I spoke to David Rodgers, Service Manager of the Upper Gage location, established in 1982, to get his views on our website “”. He heard about the website about a year ago through an employment job bank. “It’s a great website, why go anywhere else to post a job opportunity when this website is FREE and provides great service and has qualified applicants looking to get started in the skilled trades”, he said. David has hired five people from our site, some getting started in the auto trade and others as signed apprentices.

Over the years, David has helped many students decide if this is the career for them by taking on co-op students from nearby high schools. When I asked him what feature he liked best about the site he said “Once your posting has been approved it’s great how fast the applicants start applying to the posting”. “I receive their resumes by email and I can look them over to see if they have the qualifications I’m looking for and call them right away for an interview”.

I also spoke to Erin Cannon, who was recently hired there through our website as a second year Automotive Service Technician Apprentice. Erin took co-op in high school and knew then that the auto trade was the career she wanted to pursue.

Erin is active in mentoring at seminars including:
- Skills Canada – Ontario “Skills Work! For Women” networking dinners
- Hamilton Training Advisory Board’s “TECH: Technology and Trades for Women”. Erin heard about our website while attending this event at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Erin is enjoying learning new skills at this location of Canadian Tire store and is working towards completing her apprenticeship. Good luck and all the best Erin!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum / Forum canadien sur l'apprentissage | January 2011 -New Research Reports Released-

In January, CAF-FCA will release three new reports on apprenticeship challenges.

What’s Out There for Employers
Employers who don’t regularly hire apprentices say they need more information about the supports available to help them hire and retain apprentices.........

Apprenticeship Completers Fare Better

Data shows that individuals who complete apprenticeship training enjoy better employment outcomes, enhanced earning potential, increased job security and higher levels of job satisfaction than counterparts who don’t pursue certification.........

Creating Diversity in the Skilled Trades
With many skilled workers nearing retirement, it is becoming increasingly urgent for employers to find new talent even as immigration becomes the major source of labour force growth........

link to CAF January 2011 newsletter