Thursday, September 17, 2009

First At Flamboro

What a great way to finish off the season. Testing at Flamboro went great. We dialed the car in perfectly. Fortunately for us the race on Saturday had the exact same weather conditions. Second in the heat race and starting in the 8th spot for the feature. It took us 12 laps to get to the lead and we just drove away to a 4 car length lead. Dave and Jason did a great job after the heat race changing out a suspect ignition coil. Repaired with plenty of time to spare. Now the off season starts. Strip the car down and shine it all up, replace any worn parts and get ready for next year. What colour should we paint it for next year????

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunset lives up to its name, sort of

Finally a nice day to go racing, a little sun, some showers during our heat race and a cool evening for the feature. The car was way too loose in the heat race. Dave made an adjustment for the feature. We tightened it up, but so did the track surface once it got colder. We had a great race for almost the whole 30 laps with the 04 car. I thought he had me a few times, but we always seemed to pull through on the straightaway. It was an intense battle to the end. 4th place in the heat and in the feature. Sitting solid in third with one race left. Please Mother Nature, be a race fan on Sept 12.