Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rain Tires Anyone

Flamboro Speeway is one of my favourite tracks.  It is really tough to drive fast on.  It teaches car control and the limits of your race car.  We have a small 1 point lead in the Ontario Pro Challenge points.  We need to have a great night to build up our lead.  Mostly I just wanted to perform well in front of my family, friends, hockey and soccer teams. The kids from hockey and soccer signed the back bumper of the car.  It was cool to see them all cheering in the stands wearing their jerseys. We started last again on the outside.  We passed the 02 car for 1 more point towards the championship.   The car was hooked up, the left front tire was lifting off the ground under power.  It was the best car I have ever driven at Flamboro.  We finished a close second in the heat.  Starting 8th in the feature, we needed a good start.  Up to the front and overtaking the leader on lap 3.  Thats when it went crazy.  On lap 4 it started raining, and I dont mean a little bit of rain.  I could hardly see out the front window from the lights and the raindrops. I slowed down and watched the flagman.  If we get to lap #15 that is half way and considered a complete race.  I kept an eye on the competition behind me and had to be very carefull driving.  These slick tire have zero grip on wet asphalt.  we slid into, through the middle and out of every turn.  Did I foget to mention..... Flamboro is a tough track on a dry day.  We held on to lap #15 and they through us the checkers. Our 4th feature win out of 9 races.  This has been our best seaon so far and we gained 6 more points.  We now lead by a very slim 7 points going into Sunset for the seasons final race.  Lets hope the weatherman keeps the track dry.  Come and cheer us on to see if we can become 3 time champions.

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