Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Spin And A Win

Mosport is the fastest track that we race at. It is very slippery and has huge bumps too. Race car set up is critical if you want to be a top running car. We made some big front and rear suspension changes. We softened the car up to absorb the big bumps and let the tires bite into the track more. This seemed to work very well as we tested the car in practice. After 3 crew members worked on the car for an hour, we found the right setup. Last starting spot in the heat race, and we charged to the front in 4 laps. The car was good and we breezed through tech inspection. Onto the feature, where we started in 7th position. On the opening lap we went to the outside in turn #1. This turned out bad for us. The 24 car slid up the track and knocked our car sideways up into the marbles. From there all I could do was sit patiently as the car spun completely around at about 100 Km/hr. Having the back half of the field driving straight at the front of the car is not a comforting feeling. Once I opened my eyes, the race was restarted, with the apprenticesearch car in last place. This is not what we needed to have happen while we are trying to take over the points lead. I was surprisingly calm inside the car. We took the green flag and I drove it like I stole it. From last to first place in 8 laps. The car was incredible. I passed 2 cars on the front straight at the same time. We put in solid lap times until lap 25 when Ken "Lightening" Lillycrop #00 had contact and flipped upside down on the front straight. He slid forever on his roof. They red flagged the race and called it off at 25 laps. We won from the back. It was a huge accomplishment for our team. A funny note about the flip over. His # was still 00 even when he was upside down, and he slid upside down past the start/finish line to complete his last lap. Off to our home track, Flamboro Speedway. We need another win to keep the points lead.

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