Friday, September 14, 2012

Ontario, Canada's apprenticeship programs develop top talent

Ontario has one of the best educated workforces in the G7. The province's apprenticeship system plays a big role in its success at attracting investors and in helping businesses thrive in international markets. More than 62 per cent of Ontario workers have a post-secondary education – a higher percentage than in any other developed country.

A network of 20 universities and 24 colleges train students in every field, from the skilled trades to the most advanced areas of science, engineering and business. There are apprenticeship programs for more than 150 skilled trades in four sectors: construction, motive power, industrial and services, which build a well-educated and highly skilled workforce that companies can depend on in order to operate, innovate and succeed.

Ontario's Apprenticeship programs

Ontario's apprenticeship programs are part of the reason Ontario is on the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing industries, clean energy and clean technology, and more. The simple fact is that smart, highly skilled and talented employees make smart products.

Ontario's apprenticeship programs range from two to five years. Through the programs, students work under the supervision of a person in the industry. The programs incorporate on-the-job training with an in-school component provided at Ontario colleges.

As of summer 2012 more than 120,000 apprentices are learning a trade in Ontario. Annual enrolment is up 13,000 as students look to get on-the-job experience to enhance their skill sets. The benefits to investors are enormous, as businesses can find the right people for the job.

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Viola Freeman said...

Well, with two to five years of undergoing certain trainings and programs, no doubt that people from Ontario will really develop their potentials in their chosen fields. With the proper guide and supervision of qualified and highly trained individuals, you will be encouraged to do great things and be the best person that you can be. Through apprenticeship programs, Ontario will surely develop maximum productivity, not only for its people, but also for the whole region!