Thursday, March 31, 2011 helps Coolmark Mechanical find 2 new Apprentices in no time at all

Coolmark “Hits the Mark!”

Coolmark Mechanical is a York Region HVAC contractor that specializes in designing, building, and servicing refrigerated space for food industry clients across the GTA. Based in Woodbridge, Coolmark has carried on a 15-year commitment to training apprentices since its founding in 1996 by Claudio Gulli, president of the company.

“We like to train apprentices, but we are particular about who we will hire,” said Claudio. “We are looking for workers with some knowledge of refrigeration, but who also have a good attitude and are willing to learn. We want apprentices to take advantage of technology and the internet to gain more knowledge about refrigeration. There is so much to learn in our trade and knowledge is power.”

A Coolmark Installation in Progress

Coolmark turned to when it was time to hire new apprentices this year. Claudio’s foreman, Joe D’Ambrosio found the website through an internet search and posted an apprenticeship opportunity. In a very short time, the company had hired two apprentices off the site.

“Both guys have worked out well for us,” said Claudio. “They ask questions and are good listeners. They come to work with respectful attitudes and learn well. We’re glad we found them.” Both apprentices will be receiving the in-class portion of their training at the United Association HVAC and Refrigeration Pipefitters Local Union 787 in Brampton.

Coolmark is one of those companies that stays busy year round. “The food business isn’t really seasonal,” said Claudio, “people always have to eat.” And as long as this company continues to satisfy its many commercial customers, the referrals and the additional work will keep on coming.

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