Friday, May 6, 2011

Maaco at Brock Ford have a couple of great apprentices thanks to

Maaco at Brock Ford, located at 4500 Drummond Road in Niagara Falls has the distinction of becoming the first shop in Canada to convert to Maaco. The Collision Repair and Auto Painting facility presents a complete Maaco menu of retail and fleet services.

Maaco at Brock Ford currently employs 2 apprentices, Brendon Hall (auto body) and Cole Paquet (prepper/painter) in the trade of Auto body and Collision Damage Technician. Being a compulsory trade each apprentice is required to complete a total 7200 hours training. 85% of this is on the job with the remaining being offered through an approved training delivery agent. Upon completion of these requirements each apprentice will be required to receiving a passing mark of 70% on their final exam earning them their Certificate of Qualification.

Brock Ford apprentices Brendon and Cole have been busy working on removing parts from vehicles, repairing small dents, welding, sandblasting, prepping, masking, priming and painting. “As the complexity of this trade increases, we require apprentices with high skill levels and a passion for the industry. We have used the services of to recruit quality individuals with skills and education pertaining to the trade. We have found these services to be very good”, offers Bertha Bertrand, Body Shop Manager.” She is looking to hire an additional apprentice in the auto body department and is looking for someone with 3 years’ experience.

Bertha has been in the collision industry for 22 years, and a Manager for 15 of those years. She received an award in 2003 for the Most Influential Women in the Collision Industry for North America and is a great supporter of apprenticeship. “I enjoy giving young people an opportunity to get into a trade they will enjoy”.

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