Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rain Delay

It was an interesting trip up to Varney. I have only been there once before 10 + years ago. Since then a new paving job and a track design change. Add in a days worth of rain and us waiting until 6 pm before we could practice, nobody knew what to expect. Dave and I tried a new set up on the car and we were shocked at how uncomfortable the car was to drive. All the changes were supposed to make it comfortable, so we learned something after the heat race. Go back to what we know works. After that we started our 50 lap feature in 17th position. Soon after the start the race officials called it a 30 lap race. Once we found this out I had to start hustling. We made it up to 4th and then I got pushed up high on the track and spun out the car. We did not hit anything, very lucky. To the back of the pack again, all the ground I made up before had to start again. With 11 laps remaining I started again in 17th. At the checkered flag we made it back up to 4th. A good finish for us, if only we had another 20 laps. Overall a pretty good night for us. We passed 26 cars in 30 laps even with the rain, shortage of practice and race laps. Over we go to Flamboro our home track, Aug 7. See you there.

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