Monday, July 12, 2010

At the beach

The Sauble Beach race started out very wet and soggy. We drove into the rain the entire way there. About 5 minutes away the sun came out and dried everything up nicely. The races were very exciting. We had a battle the whole race, with the leaders. Side by side action for almost the whole race, with the top four drivers gunning for the win. First it was Forbes, then my turn, then Nicholson's turn, and then along came Thomson. With a hand full of laps to go, I put a sweet pass on the 99 car for second, or so I thought. He had different plans and came down the track and we had contact. My right front rolled up onto his left rear exiting turn two. The contact knocked my hands off the steering wheel and sent me spinning into the infield at full speed. I slid in the wet grass for almost the whole back straightaway before regaining control of the car. As I pulled it back onto the track, I was passed by the 04 car. Not too bad, we only lost one spot. it was neat to see how fast the emergency crew can run when a car is aimed at them at 65 MPH, glad we missed everyone. A late caution came out and we took advantage of the restart. We passed up to 3rd and almost got second, half a car back. It was a fun night for everyone. One of the closest battles up front in recent history. Off to Mosport.

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