Monday, July 12, 2010

Mosport Fan Appreciation Night

Finally some really nice racing weather. Down the 401 we go and up to Mosport. I really like this track, the asphalt is old, rough and really bumpy. This place separates the drivers unlike some other tracks we race at. To go fast here, you need to drive the car smooth but aggressive. I have the aggressive part figured out, I just wasn't so smooth. Thomson and I are the only winners here in our series history. So you you know how bad I wanted to win again. It has been a while and this was our place to make it happen. The heat went great, a small adjustment to the front end after practice proved to be the right call. We started 8Th and only had 8 laps top get to the front. The apprenticesearch car picked off drivers pretty easy and at the half way mark we were in second place. Once we passed the leader, it was all over as I stretched the lead to about 8 seconds. The fans all came down during the intermission and it was great to see all the people who follow my team and cheer for us. It's funny that some of my fans get really mad when I don't do well. Lots of fans watched us struggle with the wall at Sunset and were pleased to see the car at the front again. In the feature we started from the pole and got off to a great start. We were up front until the halfway mark of the race when the track was red flagged for a big wreck on the front straight. Once we got rolling again the pace car made us drive down pit road while they cleaned up the track. On the restart my car felt a little bit off, for the next 15 laps it became a struggle to keep the pace of the leaders. One at a time they started to pick me off, the 02 was first, then 66 and on the last corner the 99 got by me with a pretty rough pass. I was really mad at how the car changed, I thought it was my driving, I wasn't sure what really happened. Once I was out of the car, I could hear what was wrong. The right front tire had a small hole in it and was leaking air. It was down 16 pounds compared to normal. So I felt a little better about giving up spots late in the race. Good news though, 4 new tires for Sunset on July 17. See you there.

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