Saturday, August 18, 2012

Piggy Back rides at 70 MPH

Sunset Speedway always has spectacular racing. The track surface is great for side by side racing. The car usually runs well at Sunset. It was Fan Appreciation night this time around. Hero cards and about 2500 bubble gums later we were ready to race. The racing action was very close, cars everywhere on the track. This is where the "Piggy Back" title come into play. I was passing the 38 car when he turned left on the front straightaway to put a block on our car. I kept my foot into the gas pedal, I thought I had enough room and also thought he would move up the track a little. I was wrong and our tires touched. The next thing I know, I am on top of his car looking into the sky. My hands were knocked off the steering wheel and I was along for the ride. We went really far down the track, 38 has a good motor under the hood. I was hard on the brakes, but we just could not get separated. Until the next corner when we turned left again. Some how we both had only minor damage, finished the race and made it out for the feature. My crew of Tex, Jason, Mikey, Jim, and some other race team members Joel and Kenny had the car patched up and ready to go in about an hour. Out for the feature and the car was perfect. We tried as hard as we could, but the top 3 cars were all the same speed, no mistakes were made and we looked like a train the whole race. It was a fun night and a great 3rd place finish. Second in Ontario Pra Challenge Points and 3rd in Pro Challenge National points. Shaping up to be another successfull year. Varney is next, lets hope for a better result than last years race.

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