Monday, October 7, 2013

Season wrap up

With only 3 races remaining we needed something good to happen.  We started at Flamboro with a big win in the heat and feature.  Maximum points for the night.  The last Flamboro race of the year and we won the heat.  We took the lead of the feature with about 20 laps to spare.  Or so we thought.  Our car and the 38 car went into turn 4 on lap 26 and we both spun out. Another car had broken a rear end housing and dumped the oil on the track right in front of us.  I was hit by the 02, and then drilled in the passenger door by the 24 car.  A quick stop on the track and my crew said the car was ok.  Just some loose fibreglass body panels.  My tires were up and I did not seem to bend anything.  Starting in last I was pretty upset.  4 laps to go and I am in last place.  I restarted well and drove it like I stole it for 4 laps.  At the checkers I was in 2nd place and ready to pounce on the leader.  All in all it was a great night.  More work in the shop to get the car ready for the last race of the year at Sunset.

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