Monday, September 23, 2013

Flamboro to Sunset

The apprenticesearch car was great at Flamboro.  We raced a clean fast event.  Second in the feature was the best we could do.  The 99 car was victorious after a very long time out of victory lane.  Congrats to them on the big win. 

Sunset was a rough night.  Our car didn't work well at all.  I tried everything I could do to make it drive straight.  All it wanted to do was spin out going in the corner, around the corner and down the straights.  One fan said they couldn't watch any other cars.  I was an accident waiting to happen.  I slid it sideways to a 5th place position.  My tires were found to be the culprit.  It was like I was driving in an ice storm.  The picture shows what happened in a 3 car pileup.  Our team friends in the 00 car destroyed the rear of their car.  We rolled it into the shop to replace the rear clip.  Sounds easy right!!!!!!

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