Monday, July 15, 2013

All patched up and ready to go.

We were all set and ready to test at Flamboro prior to the Sunset race.  Then it rained every day. 
Off we go to Sunset.  Practice went well, very limited track time.  The Super late models were putting down tons of rubber making the track very fast.  We fought hard for second place in the heat race and lined up 8th for the feature. Starting on the outside proved to be a test of my patience.  Our line did not get going and we were almost last at the end of the first lap.  I had no open track to go racing on.  It is tough dragging your brakes down the straightaways to keep off the other cars.  It took a while to clear the pack and chase down the leaders.  One by one I worked high and low until we made it to second place.  I shadowed the rear of the 02 car for 10 laps.  Returning the favour of Sauble with a few bumps. At the end we were right there in second place.  Looks like the repairs worked well.
Up next some fine tuning of the right front.  Something was not quite right.

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