Thursday, April 18, 2013

SAFETY: Backing up on construction projects


Reversing vehicles and equipment on construction projects pose a serious problem for
personnel on foot.

Fatal accidents resulting from workers being backed over by dump trucks and other equipment
occur all too frequently.

Anyone on foot in the vicinity of reversing vehicles and equipment is at risk. More then 20 deaths have occurred on construction sites over a ten-year period as a result of reversing vehicles.

Blind Spots

The main problem with reversing vehicles and equipment is the driver or operator's restricted view.

Around dump trucks and heavy equipment such as bulldozers and graders there are blind spots where the operator has no view or only a very limited view.

The operator may not see someone standing in these blind spots. Anyone kneeling or bending over in these areas would be even harder to see.

Consequently the driver or operator must rely on mirrors or signallers to back up without running over someone or into something. Figure 1 shows the blind spots for common types of construction equipment.

Dump trucks and cranes are the kinds of equipment that hit overhead powerlines most often. Beware of powerline contact whenever a crane, dump truck, or other vehicle is going to be operated near an overhead electrical conductor. If equipment operates within reach of (and could therefore encroach on) the minimum permitted distance from an overhead powerline, the constructor is required to have written procedures in place to prevent the equipment from encroaching on the minimu m distance.

Accident Prevention

To prevent injuries and deaths caused by vehicles and equipment backing up, there are four basic approaches:

1) site planning
2) signallers
3) training
4) electronic devices.......

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