Sunday, July 8, 2012

Super Late Models and Pro Challenge cars at Sunset

Our team has raced for years at Sunset.  This is the first time on the new track on the same day as the Super Late Models.  They are the fastest Outlaw race cars around.  They also happen to run the same Hoosier race tire compound that we do in Pro Challenge.  This made for some extremely fast times on the track.  In fact we were only 3/10ths of a second off the Supers lap times.  We had a good heat race and finished second, gaining 2 more points of the leader.  Then in the feature, we wasted no time moving up.  Every car was almost identical, regardless of the racing line chosen on the track.  Passing inside and then outside we found ourselves about 8 cars lengths back of the top 2 cars.  We started to reel them in and then a caution came out for a spinning car.  This set up a 8 lap race to the end.  It took 3 laps to pass the second place car and start going after the leader.  Congarts to the #20 team on their first win.  We tried hard, but came up 1 spot out of first.
Up next is our home track Flamboro.

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