Monday, April 26, 2010

Tool Box Talks

One of the most valuable safety related tools, isn't a tool at all. Recently we have implemented a mandatory morning meeting. We call it the toolbox talk. All employees are brought in and we discuss the days workload, process and hazards. We include all the employees and ask them for their input. We have found a reduction in injuries, and the shop is more organized. Everyone receives the same information and they can all work together to ensure the workload is organized and executed safely. Once all the hazards and safety measures have been discussed, we write them in the book and everyone signs off that they have the proper instructions for the day. The meetings bring everyone together and we have different employees give the talk. Once everyone has had a turn at it they become more comfortable and the meetings take about ten minutes. From a supervisors standpoint, a ten minute meeting can save hours of paperwork from injuries. Toolbox talks are fast and easy, try them for yourself and get everyone involved.

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